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Newsletter - June 2024


“On arriving there, they gathered the church together and reported all that God had done through them and how he had opened a door of faith to the Gentiles.” Acts 14:27


What a joy to share this Good News with you! May you be deeply encouraged today by the testimony of the work that God has entrusted to us and that we have in you an active participant in support and prayers!

Evangelism and Discipleship with Women

God has done something new in women! Since last year, we have witnessed growth in evangelism and discipleship work with women in communities and base meetings. The number of attendees has increased, but, in addition, we can clearly see a desire growing among them to know Jesus, His Word, to truly experience the love, healing and transformation that He has to offer! Pray for the advancement of the work of the Holy Spirit in hearts, so that He may complete the Good Work of God in them.

Visit of Mount Paran North Church


In May, we received a visit from very dear brothers and sisters from the Mount Paran North Church (USA). They were with us for a week, getting to know our work up close, serving on projects, blessing our leadership and missionaries in prayer and moments of communion. We are encouraged to have them with us and see their true interest and care for us and the Kingdom.


The Rosalina and Baixada projects held annual camps in May and June. More than ninety children and teenagers attended the programs with us! The camp is part of a strategy that God gave us to minister his love to these children and adolescents who live in such hostile contexts. We seek that, from moments of ministry to simpler and more common things like serving a meal, it is an expression of Jesus' love and care for each one of them. See below the testimony of one of our missionaries:


“One of the missionaries was sharing God's love with the girls and one of them interrupted saying she wanted to accept Jesus. She started to get emotional, so I explained to her what this decision meant. She insisted, and so we said a prayer together. The other girls were also moved, and we were filled with laughter and joy, we started to scream and say how happy we were! So that’s how 10-year-old Willyane had her encounter with Christ, in a simple moment of ministry in her room before going to sleep, she opened her heart to God.” (Hannah Lima - missionary member of the Baixada Project)

Training with Local Church of Fortaleza

In May, we spent a weekend at the Ministério Apostólico Nova Terra (MANT) offering Urban Missions training for young people and teenagers from the main church and its groups. The training included lectures and workshops given by a team of our missionaries and ended with practical evangelism programs for children and adults that took place through the Baixada Project. One of our greatest joys as a missionary organization is serving local churches. Trainings for churches can be requested through our contacts.

Trip to Cape Verde

Two of our missionaries and leaders took a trip to the African continent to visit the Missão Vida em Foco base in Cape Verde. Their presence there was to strengthen the leadership and the team, and also witness the work that has been developed through them. This year the MVF Cape Verde base celebrates 10 years of existence! It is led by a couple of Brazilian missionaries and currently has full-time workers and native volunteers.

Imagem do WhatsApp de 2024-06-28 à(s) 09.41.27_f06d12a8.jpg

MVF Litoral

At the base in Cumbuco (Lagoa do Barro), the work continues to develop! In recent months, for the first time, a children's service was held, led by the children, who were responsible for the praise and prayer, taking an active part in everything! There was also the first outing with the church's families. Sixty-five people, including seven non-Christian visitors, took part in this moment of leisure and fellowship.

Prayer requests


In July, Mission Training will take place at our base in Fortaleza. Intercede for that to be a time of awakening of vocations!


Our leaders, Janio and Martina, will take a family trip in July to participate in the annual Missions Conference of the Mount Paran North Church (Atlanta/USA). Pray that their testimonies will encourage many brothers!

We need your prayers. Whenever possible, place these points before the Lord. We want His guidance and wisdom so that we can live what he called us as a mission to do!

Prayerfully bless the Vida em Foco Mission in Brazil and around the world. Be an intercessor for our missionary bases and projects!

Construction Challenge

In our March newsletter, we asked for prayer about the challenge of putting a roof on the court at our headquarters in Fortaleza. We have already held weekly services and regular events such as meetings with men's and women's groups.  We have achieved our goal! Our court is now covered and we can continue these activities without being affected by the rain. 


By structuring this space, we want to reach a greater number of people, with the primary objective of saving lives, discipling, training and sending them out to reach new lives for Christ. That's why we ask you to continue praying for the remaining steps in the construction project, which will cost around R$100,000 to build the infrastructure of the walls, improve the floor and install electricity and air conditioning.


We want to continue the vision that God has planted in us and make this space viable for holding evangelistic gatherings, conferences, training sessions, opportunities for people to be powerfully touched by the power of the Gospel. If you are willing to contribute any amount financially, please contact us.

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