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Newsletter - March 2023


Peace and grace of Christ!

How good it is to have this space to share with you what the Lord has done in lives. We feel privileged to be part of His transformative action. You who have walked with us are also part of it. Our wish is that what we are going to share will be an encouragement for you to remain an investor and partner in God's mission.

MVF Litoral

Inauguration of Vida em Foco Church- Cumbuco

On November 19th and 20th, we finally had our official inauguration service for the new missionary base and local church in Lagoa do Barro, Cumbuco. A total of 250 people participated over the two days, including church members, people of the community, pastors and partners of Missão Vida em Foco from Fortaleza and the surrounding region. Our hearts are full of gratitude for God’s kindness and faithfulness. This is just the beginning! We still have a long journey ahead and the challenge of continuing to build to reach even more people and glorify God's name. Please continue to pray for God's miracles to manifest in this place!

Christmas is Jesus!

Bringing the Gospel to so many people was a joy and a privilege! In December, three Christmas celebrations took place, three services that together gathered approximately 800 people, including children, youth, and adults who heard the message of salvation preached about a God full of grace who sent His Son to save us from our sins. Through God's provision, we were able to deliver basic food packages, personal hygiene kits, gifts, and souvenirs to the children, as well as serve a meal to all those people! This was made possible with the support we received from partners, churches and donations from some companies. It was a time of God reaching and touching hearts, and 16 people surrendered their lives to Jesus! Check out some photos of the events below and also on our Facebook (@mvfbrasil).

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Baixe ou escute gratuitamente em nosso canal do YouTube e Spotify através do link ao lado. Faça parte desta causa! O mês de maio acabou, mais a luta contra a violência sexual infantojuvenil continua.

As nações em nosso meio

No início de junho recebemos a visita de irmãos em Cristo vindos dos Estados Unidos e da Finlândia. Eles vieram conhecer a Missão e seus projetos de perto e participaram conosco na realização de eventos evangelísticos.

A equipe de irmãos americanos foram 5 membros da Igreja Mount Paran North, que tem sido uma parceira nos trabalhos da base no Brasil. Já da Finlândia, um grupo de 11 jovens da organização missionária Patmos. Fomos fortemente encorajados pela presença e testemunho de cada um deles nesses dias de comunhão que nos fortaleceram ainda mais a perseverarmos no chamado e cumprimento da Grande Comissão de Jesus.

Missions School

In January, two mission schools were held simultaneously, the Alcance school at the MVF-Fortaleza base with 10 students, and the Alcance Teen school at the MVF Litoral base with 17 students. In that time they made unique experiences with the Lord through healings, calling and vocation confirmations, and a deeper knowledge of who God is. Below are some testimonies from participants:


The past few weeks have been a time of intense planning for the Project teams in the Baixada and Rosalina communities. In addition to the regular activities on the weekly schedule, we are planning special programs for the semester, such as commemorative dates and external events. Between April or May, the two projects will hold camps for children and teenagers. This is a very special time of communion, leisure, and mainly of revealing God's love to them through serving them, ministering the word of God, praying for them and caring. Rosalina will begin the year's activities in a new space within the community, which is still rented, but we are praying and mobilizing to build our own space. Baixada will also undergo renovation of the space.

Projeto Ester

Treze mulheres das comunidades Baixada e Lagoa do Barro foram beneficiadas com os cursos de Design de Sobrancelhas e Confeitaria realizados pelo Projeto Ester nos meses de março e abril, ministrados pelas profissionais Rafaela Nobre e Patrícia Carvalho, que tem nos abençoado tanto ao partilhar e multiplicar voluntariamente dos seus conhecimentos.  Para esse semestre o projeto ainda vai oferecer os cursos de argiloterapia e biscuit. Ao longo desses anos, o Projeto Ester vem cooperando na mudança de realidade de dezenas de famílias. Somente do último ano para cá 60 mulheres já participaram dos nossos cursos. Queremos ir mais longe e você pode colaborar, entre em contato através do nosso WhatsApp clicando AQUI e saiba como.

We need your prayers. Whenever possible, place these points before the Lord. We want His guidance and wisdom so that we can live what he called us as a mission to do!

Prayer requests

1. Pray for our missionaries;
2. Pray that the Lord will direct us in all the programs and use us to reach lives;

3. Pray for us to find a good place for the children and teenagers' camp and for resources; from now on, pray with us for these days of camp so that children and teenagers may have more revelation of God;
4. Pray for the adaptation of the new space in the Rosalina Project and for the renovation that the Baixada Project will make;
5. Pray for us to find partners who can offer to purchase the needed materials for the next courses that will take place this semester.

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